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Sometimes using WhizBase as a service is the wisest decision; it’s much cheaper and easier than to have it installed on your own server. However, if you are a professional web developer, or you want to use WhizBase in your own LAN/WAN for building intranet solution(s), or your site generates large traffic, purchasing a stand-alone license is often the most convenient solution.

The Stand-Alone license is available in three editions:

Single Domain License is valid for ALL aliases of the domain for which it was purchased. For example, license for domain small-applications.com is also valid for dbsrv.small-applications.com, www. small-applications.com, intranet. small-applications.com, etc. License is not limited by number of users or databases, which means it may be used with as many databases as you wish by any number of users.

Server License is valid for ALL domains/sites hosted on the server for which the license was purchased. It is tied to one computer, regardless of its type (virtual, cloud or physical), number of processors it has or number of domains it hosts. Although it is valid for ALL sites on the server, administrator can disable WhizBase on any hosted domain.

Developer License enables registered developer to get separate single-domain keys for every web project he creates, without any additional costs (he only pays one-time fee for developer license). Developer cannot sell WhizBase registration keys separately (it has to be part of the web project he built).

The table below shows prices for various WhizBase licenses.

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