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Pricing policy for WhizBase is based on calculation of benefits, free resources and extra profit that our clients get by using our software, and we have no questions about ROI (or to make it simple - we know our product is worth every penny). However we’re aware that even then the price of WhizBase license can be unjustified in some cases and for some users/projects.

Therefore we’re offering new model of licensing – WhizBase as a service, that includes workspace on our cloud server where you can enjoy using WhizBase without paying anything extra for the license. Service packages are based on monthly bandwidth and start with 1000 MB for $15/month.

Prices for basic packages are listed in the form below: (For sites with bandwidth usage over 10000 MB/month we create special, custom made service package.)

Monthly bandwidth Monthly price Overflow per 10 MB
1000 MB $15 $0.20
2500 MB $25 $0.15
5000 MB $40 $0.10
10000 MB $70 $0.08

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