Use WhizBase

As of version 7.5 WhizBase exist in two editions Pro (that requires purchasing a license) and Lite (that is completely free for both personal and commercial use).

Lite edition has following limitations:

  1. „Powered by WhizBase" logo can not be removed from resulting pages (WB_ShowLogo has no function)
  2. Database type is limited to MS Access databases only (ADOConnectionString and WB_Connect have no function)
  3. Resulting recordset (not table, but result of a query) is limited to maximum of 1000 records.

Other than these three limitations Lite edition is exactly the same as Pro. Both editions are in same EXE file, which means that Pro and Lite editions can coexist on a same server. Although it is free, Lite edition still needs a registration key that can be downloaded here.

When it comes to paid licenses (WhizBase Pro) there are two basic approaches – perpetual and non-perpetual licenses. There’s big difference in concepts, but no difference in functionality (i.e. in both cases you use fully featured product).


Perpetual license is sold, meaning that once you pay one-time license fee, you own the license, and depending on license type you can sell it together with your domain, server or business. For more info, pricing and ordering please click here.

Non-perpetual license means that you newer own the license - you’re just renting it. Non-perpetual license can be hosted solution, meaning that you’re using our hosting resources. In that case you pay the total price for the license each month (packages prices are based on monthly bandwidth). Due to its non-perpetual nature, this license is much cheaper when compared to perpetual license, but of course, the payments must be made each month ad infinitum. For more info, pricing and ordering please click here.

There's also a non-hosted, time limited, domain related license (same as Single domain license but with time limit) that costs 30¢ per day, with 5% discount for every 100 days up to 50%. For example license for 30 days costs 9 $, for a year (365 days) 93.10 $ (365 * 25.5 ¢- 15% discount), for two years (730 days) 142.35 $ (730 * 19.5 ¢ - 35% discount), for 1100 days 165 $ (1100 * 15 ¢ - maximum discount of 50% reached).

If you have your doubts whether you want to pay for software or not, please read this article, maybe it will help you make up your mind.

Whizbase lite