Whizbase Lite

WhizBase lite edition is completely free for both personal and commercial use.

Lite edition has following limitations:

  1. „Powered by WhizBase" logo can not be removed from resulting pages (WB_ShowLogo has no function
  2. Database type is limited to MS Access databases only (ADOConnectionString and WB_Connect have no function)
  3. Resulting recordset (not table, but result of a query) is limited to maximum of 1000 records.

Other than these three limitations Lite edition is exactly the same as Pro. Both editions are in same EXE file, which means that Pro and Lite editions can coexist on a same server. Although it is free, Lite edition still needs a registration key that can be downloaded here.

Despite its limitations it can be used for building fully functional CMS sites, collecting data from web site, displaying various reports (as long as query result contains less than 1000 records), displaying feeds from social networks on your site, uploading files, password-protecting your web content and many other purposes.

Whizbase lite