Hosting on your own server, hassle or serenity? Hosting on your own server, hassle or serenity?

I guess there isn’t a single webmaster that did not ask himself this question, at least once. Frankly, few years ago this idea would not deserve a second thought, but nowadays, with Windows-powered cloud instances (or VPS if you prefer) available from $9.95/month (and I’m talking about premier providers) it becomes very attractive solution mostly because versatile usage options that in most cases are not available with shared hosting.

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Collecting data on-line Collecting data on-line

Sooner or later every webmaster gets to the point where he/she needs to collect some kind of data from his/her website’s visitors - the most common, and probably technically simplest, task would be collecting visitors’ email addresses by creating some kind of newsletter subscription form on web page.

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Installing IIS on Windows 7 Installing IIS on Windows 7

If you’re a web developer, you probably have IIS already installed on your PC, so you can skip this section. Also if you installed WhizBase on your server (windows 2000, 2003,...

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Installing WhizBase Installing WhizBase

In order to use WhizBase, you will need it installed on your web server. For local computer (non-public, development computer) you might also need to install some web server, an...

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Publishing data from Excel sheets online Publishing data from Excel sheets online

Based on our experience, there are more people working with Excel than those working with Access. However, lots of them have no idea that they can use their Excel sheets as data...

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Password protected web content Password protected web content

How do you use access control with WhizBase? We get this question very often lately, so I'll try to explain basics here and to provide some sample code that you can modify and u...

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In today’s world, serving different content to desktop and mobile clients became de facto standard, at least for newly developed web sites.
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Here's a very short (and simple) example how to include news feed from your Facebook profile to your WhizBase-powered web page....
You just created your client’s website, now he wants a database. What do you do?
Well, if you are a hardcore programmer/web developer, there's a plenty of choices. You can use ASP, PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails, Python, Perl, Java, etc.
Creating a small address book application in WhizBase
In this tutorial I will aim to show you how simple is making a small application in WhizBase, how to add, remove and update data in the DB. I will make a small address book application where you can add, browse, update and remove addresses.

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